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There have been many burglars willing to share how they target which home to break into. The #1 thing they usually look for is a dark house where it appears no one is home, but they know valuables are inside. There are simple steps you can take to make your home less attractive.


Prune the bushes in front of your home so they don’t have a place to hide. Install motion-sensor lights. This one tip can often send burglars scrambling when the lights go on. Get a dog, or at least put up a “beware of dog” sign. Same thing with an alarm, either install an alarm or put up a sign saying you have an alarm.


If you buy a new TV, stereo or computer equipment, don’t leave the empty boxes outside or at your curb. You are just advertising, “Nice stuff inside!” Don’t leave expensive items laying around on tables or in view from the front window. Shut your blinds at night. When you are home at night with the lights on, you can’t really see out your windows, but thieves can easily see what you have.


When you are gone from the house, especially on vacation, you need to make the house look occupied. Put a timer on a few lights and especially the TV at random times. Ask your neighbors to collect any newspapers, flyers, etc. from your porch. Be sure to tell your neighbors so they can keep an eye out for suspicious people. Ask them to park a car in your driveway now and then. And DON’T post your vacation pics on social media until AFTER you get home! I often see posts with a pic of the whole family boarding an airplane with the caption, “Two weeks in paradise starts today!” You are just inviting thieves to your home!


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