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Imagine being lost in the wilderness… Walking for days, no water, no food… Eventually you pass out from exhaustion… Early the next morning the sun rises and rays of sunlight hit your face. You open your eyes slightly as you look up into the forest canopy…

That’s EXACTLY what I think of when I see this picture. But how it relates to marketing a home for sale, I have no idea!


Don’t bother even looking at the inside. Just rush right back to the rear yard and check out the lovely, uh, stick? Or is it a pipe? Whatever it is, it’s COOL!



“Hey, uh, did you notice that your MLS photo needs to be rotated?”

“Huh?….Oh, yeah. You’re right. How do I do that?”

“Well, you open up the picture in your image editing software, then click on the rotate counter-clockwise button, then save it, then replace the photo on the MLS.”

“What? ALL that work? Sounds EXHAUSTING! Can’t they just turn their head a little when they look at the photos? I’ll get carpal tunnel syndrome with all that clicking!”

Give me your best guess what this is…

So, what do you think this is? C’mon, take a guess…

I promise I did not crop or edit this photo. This is actually the picture loaded to the MLS to show one of the “features” of the home.


Ho, Ho, Hot August Nights?

Oh, so many things wrong with this photo…

At first glance you would think someone was having a little too much of the spiked eggnog before they went out to take pictures of their new listing. It’s out of focus, and tilted a bit, and really not a very flattering angle.

But the worst part is that this was the photo on the MLS in AUGUST! Either these sellers are REALLY, REALLY into Christmas, or the agent may want to think about updating their photos on their 9 month+ old listing…


Yep, nothing quite like a good post.

Just let your eyes feast on this one.


No, that’s OK. You go ahead. I want to check out this post a while longer…

Wow! How unique!

“Oh my gosh! Honey, come quick! Look! I finally found it! I know our agent told us our requirements were too strict, that we’d NEVER find a home like this, but after 14 months of looking at every new listing to hit the market in a four county wide area, I found it! Look, a home that has a square corner in one of the bedrooms! This is EXTREMELY rare! So glad this agent highlighted it for us, or we’d have never found it! Who cares what the rest of the house looks like, let’s write an offer RIGHT NOW!”

Comes with BBQ – in the pool?

I’ve seen pools that have volleyball nets in them, umbrella holders, and even one with a covered swim-up bar. But a BBQ in the pool?

Picture in a picture?


picture of picture

This is ACTUALLY a picture within a picture.

I have no idea what circumstances conspired to make this situation happen. Someone had a digital camera at some point to take a picture of the picture of the house, but not of the house itself?

Did they take a picture with their film camera (not bothering to ask the Seller to move their car), go get it developed, then drive to someone’s house where there was a digital camera, then put the picture on their bed and then take the picture without zooming in? Then not bother to crop the photo before uploading to the MLS?

So many questions on this one! Feel free to leave your comment as to what you think happened here.


Agent – “OK, you go across the street and take the picture, but wait for me to put up the sign and get out of the way first.”

Assistant – “Right, I go take the picture.”

Agent – “….um, wait until I get out of the way, THEN take the picture.”

Assistant – “Got it. You put up the sign, I’ll take the picture.”

Agent – “…after….”

Assistant – “After what?”

Agent – “After I put up the sign!”

Assistant – “Oh, YOU are going to put up the sign? Cool! Should I take the picture before or after you do that?”

Agent – “AFTER I put up the sign! Got it?”

Assistant – “Of course, sign, then picture. Got it, Boss!”

Agent – [Starts taking sign out of trunk…]

Assistant – [CLICK] “Got it! But are you sure it’s OK that you are in the picture?”

Agent – “Sigh…”


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